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Dead Sea Collection Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream for Face with Vitamin C & Carrot - Anti Aging - Skin Care with Sea Minerals - Nourishing, Moisturizer, Hydrating and Smoothing Face Cream (1.69 fl.oz)

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Vitamin C & Carrot Moisturizing and Brightening Day cream is infused with Dead Sea minerals. This advanced formula helps moisturize your skin and is PARABEN FREE! Composed of essential Dead Sea Minerals, Vitamin C and Carrot to tone your skin. Rich in vitamins and beta carotene, this cream helps keep your skin saturated with essential moisturizers, helping to improve your skins appearance, giving you a stronger, smoother, brighter look and feel. Used daily, it helps increase firmness and overall vitally of the skin. For a complete treatment use Vitamin C & Carrot Night Cream, and Serum. Bring the treasure of the Dead Sea and modern science to your home.

  • DEAD SEA MINERALS - all Dead Sea Collection products are a complex variety of unique natural minerals and substances and can be used by women every day, depending on the needs. There are certain minerals, like Magnesium and Potassium, which can be found only in the Dead Sea. Minerals help your skin, face, and whole body stay healthy, clean, young, and beautiful all the time!
  • VITAMIN C & CARROT - our anti-wrinkle and anti-aging day cream for women blended with natural Dead Sea minerals, Vitamins A/E and Vitamin C & Carrot moisturizer is specially formulated to deeply hydrate, rejuvenate and restore your skin. Our firming face cream locks in moisture, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and crease lines. The cream will leave your face looking smoother, fresher, and more supple!
  • GOOD FOR ALL - day cream for women Anti-Aging suitable for all skin types and all ages – perfect for anyone seeking to prevent the early signs of aging and sustained hydration. For the best effect on your skin, use our entire line of creams: Night Cream, Day Cream, Retinol, and Dead Sea Minerals!
  • SAFE FOR EVERYONE - all Dead Sea Collection products are natural, harmless and safe for both the environment and people. Does not contain alcohol, parabens and sulfates. It's all natural, vegan and cruelty free!
  • WE CARE ABOUT THE PLANET - our company takes an active part in environmental protection. We know that environmental pollution and global warming are the most important challenges for our future generations. We are already solving this problem today - our products are all packaged in recyclable jars and bottles. Our products are not tested on animals!